Clients Equal People

There are two things that make a great practice: People and Clients. At Sovereign Private both are as important as each other.

Whether you are a cadet or a director, all our people are mentored by senior partners. Providing all staff with mentoring session every 4 to 6 weeks, our mentoring program is world class. A vital tool used at the mentoring sessions is a career plan.

Staff prepare their career plan every July and set out their aspirations for the year ahead. This could include a promotion, additional study or changing the type of work they are doing. The plan also includes a clear concise set of KPIs required to achieve their aspirations. The KPI’s are always clearly measureable and it is easy for the staff member and the partner to evaluate whether the employee is on track to achieve their aspirations. If there are deficiencies, the partner helps the staff member get back on track. All plans are customised to individuals and prepared by the staff member and partner working together. All staff know exactly how they are tracking and where they are going.

Although there is a strong work ethic in order for staff to fast track their careers, we celebrate the successes and have fun. Whether it is pizza making, cocktail classes or barefoot bowling, we have numerous functions throughout the year where staff celebrate their successes.